2015 Mexican Medical Insurance Costs

The IMSS (Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social), is the Mexican national social security system, which includes an extensive low-cost all-inclusive country-wide HMO-type healthcare system. Membership in this Mexican medical insurance system is automatic and free for employees of covered businesses (which includes most companies). It is also available for a very low annual fee to foreigners holding a valid current visa, and the cost depends on your current age.

This robust IMSS health insurance has no deductibles or co-payments and covers all prescription drugs and any/all medical procedures. The free prescription drug coverage applies to drugs dispensed from their pharmacies; and there is no reimbursement for drugs purchased outside the system.  Immunizations are also covered without charge.

IMSS clinics and hospitals vary from quite basic in the smaller communities to outstanding in the larger cities.  The hospitals are staffed with both full-time doctors and also private physicians who work part-time for the IMSS.

2015 Mexican Medical Insurance Costs

Here are the current 2015 annual fees (per person):

  • 0 to 19 years old:        $1,900 pesos      $124 USD
  • 20 to 29 years old:     $2,250 pesos      $147 USD
  • 30 to 39 years old:     $2,400 pesos      $157 USD
  • 40 to 49 years old:     $3,400 pesos      $222 USD
  • 50 to 59 years old:     $3,600 pesos      $235 USD
  • 60 to 69 years old:     $5,200 pesos      $339 USD
  • 70 to 79 years old:     $5,450 pesos       $356 USD
  • 80 and older:              $5,500 pesos       $359 USD


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