What a thrill to witness the grand finale of the longest mammal migration on earth as Pacific gray whales end their nearly 6,000 mile trek from the frigid Bering Sea in Alaska to the warm waters of the Sea of Cortez! On a whale-watching excursion in the Sea of Cortez, you will get up close and personal with these magnificent whales as they arrive to calve in the Sea of Cortez.

Nearly hunted to extinction in the past, these gentle leviathans have made a dramatic comeback and today show very little fear of humans. Every spring, hundreds of these whales return to their traditional birthing and breeding grounds in the sheltered lagoons along Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Friendly and engaging, the whales and their calves seem to be intrigued by the human on-lookers, and it is not at all uncommon to see small groups of whales approach within arm’s reach of you boat.

Whale-Watching - Humpback Whale Jumping Out Of The Water

Many experience whale-watchers believe the best way to undertake the experience is by ocean kayak. In this kind of  small personal watercraft, you can foray into the whales’ world and experience intimate encounters eye-to-eye with these friendly giants and their calves. After whale-watching, you can paddle along in the waters of the Sea of Cortez and enjoy visiting offshore deserted islands where you can hike, fish, bird-watch, and even snorkel and swim with sea lions and their pups.

Whether you go solo or on a guided tour, this is truly a “whale of an adventure”.