quality of life_wine-bottle_glassSahuaro Shores offers a unique mix of the southwestern outdoors lifestyle and a truly low cost of living at a fraction of the cost of similar properties located on the west coast of the United States and Canada. With a mild climate, comfortable un-frenzied lifestyle and authentic Mexican cultural atmosphere, as more and more people reach retirement age or seek second homes, the exodus to the Sea of Cortez region continues to grow as buyers discover the convenience, affordability and quality of living here in Baja California.

Although the cost-of-living is quite important, quality of life is of paramount importance to those seeking a second home or retirement in the Baja. The International Community Foundation released a series of research reports, entitled, “U.S. Retirement Trends in México’s Coastal Communities.” Using data collected through surveys, focus groups, and interviews, the foundation surveyed retirees over 50 years of age that live full-time or part-time in México’s coastal areas and discovered the following:

  • the low-key, slow-paced lifestyle of México’s coastal communities is drawing ex-pats looking to retire
  • retirees chose México due to its proximity to the United States and Canada
  • retirees chose México due to its affordability relative to other destinations in the United States and Canada
  • retirees in Mexican coastal communities are relatively young
  • nearly 53% of retirees in Mexican coastal communities are under 65 years of age
  • retirees in Mexican coastal communities are well-educated
  • almost two-thirds of respondents have at least a college degree; 28% attended at least one year of college
  • 22% of retirees residing in México return to the U.S. on a monthly basis.
  • 71% stated that they live more than half the year in México
  • 78% of respondents have lived in their adopted community three years or longer
  • 52% of respondents have lived in México over five years

Come on down and see for yourselves why our combination of excellent quality-of-life and a low cost-of-living enables our residents to really live well at Sahuaro Shores.