Health Care-Symbol of medicine

Medical care in the Baja is top notch and yet quite affordable.

Contributing to the over-all low-cost-of-living and high quality-of-life here at Sahuaro Shores is the inexpensive medical care, dentistry, eyeglasses, and medications available here in the Baja, where you can chose from either private health plans or the public plan that will both deliver great health care at a reasonable cost.

México has a truly outstanding subsidized public health care system that is the model for  countries all over the world. Moreover, there is a modern and robust high-quality private health system that operates side-by-side with the national plan as well. Partly because of the availability of such high quality public and private health care plans, México has been ranked by International Living magazine as the #1 retirement destination in the world!

It is interesting to note that the opt-in national medical insurance plan from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) is also open to foreigners living in México. Under this plan, even pre-existing conditions are fully covered after a waiting period. The best part is the plan, which accepts all applicants and imposes no “cap” on services, costs about $1,000 per person per year. Under this IMSS plan, there are no deductibles, co-payments or additional fees whatsoever. Also, all medications, tests and procedures are included at no cost!

Whether you chose the ultra-affordable public national health plan or a slightly more expensive private health insurer, you will always receive great care at a great price here in the Baja. Additionally, since Sahuaro Shores is only a few hours from the international border, you have easy access to across the border medical services from the Veterans Administration (VA), Medicare and Medicaid facilities and private insurance-based medical services back in the United States.


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