Sahuaro Shores is just 2 hours by car from the international border with the United States.

Once across the border, you can easily access U.S. interstate highways putting you within short travel distances by automobile to population centers including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Yuma, Phoenix and points further north like the Central Valley, Central Coast, the Bay Area of California, Oregon, Washington state and Canada.


There is regularly scheduled bus service connecting San Felipe (less than 20 minutes from Sahuaro Shores) to the border town of Mexicali where you can cross the international border into the United States and transfer to a Greyhound bus to get to an airport or to your final destination.

Flights to Baja - planeYOU CAN FLY

You can fly in on regularly-scheduled commercial flights at the Mexicali Airport or the Imperial County Airport.Another option is to fly in a private plane or on a charter flight to our local San Felipe International Airport.

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