Living well at Sahuaro Shores for $1,206 a Month

When you are considering where to retire, Baja Mexico should be high on your list. It has everything the other retirement destinations have...and also has its own surprises that set it apart from the pack. For example, Baja's physical beauty is second to none. If you're a nature lover, unpolluted crystal blue seas, turquoise warm hot springs, miles of sandy beaches, majestic coastal mountains, cascading waterfalls, sun-flecked canyons, off-shore islands that look like pearls in the sea, and sunny blue skies will call you to this beautiful place.

When you get here, the warm and friendly people will welcome you with open arms and make you comfortable in your new beach community. You'll live healthier by shopping at the local markets where unwaxed, fruits and vegetables and real free-range meat and poultry are just a fraction of the cost of what you'd pay back home. Naturally, getting plenty of exercise is as easy as walking along the beach as the fresh, unspoiled air and warm sea spray rejuvenates you.

With all that and a low cost of living, you can understand why Baja is so appealing. In fact, Mexico is always near the top of the list of most affordable destination in International Living's Magazine’s Global Retirement Index. That's because a couple can easily live the good life here on less than $1,300 a month! That includes groceries, utilities, dining-out expenses, medical insurance, high-speed internet, car maintenance and fuel, XM Radio and satellite TV. Of course, a single person can live for less with plenty left over to explore all the natural beauty of the Sea of Cortez region.

Just think about the life you could enjoy here: shrimp dinners with freshly-picked vegetables and fruit on the outside deck of an ocean-view home that costs a fraction of what you'd pay back in the states... enjoying a glass of wine with friends while gazing at the golden-purple-pink-orange sunset over the coastal mountain range...no traffic (you have to travel over 120 miles from Sahuaro Shores to get to a stop light), no rushing to get anywhere, doing what you want to do every day and on your own unhurried schedule.  Maybe you always longed for a beautiful garden, but you could have it only during the few warm months of the year. Here, plant anything you want and it will grow; you can have a diverse and productive garden life—all year round.

While, maybe, you could buy you a modest home in some coastal areas in the U.S. for $750,000 or more, for less than a third of that price at Sahuaro Shores, you can have an ocean-view (and coastal mountain-view) home along the Sea of Cortez, where your dreams can come true.

Maybe the most surprising thing about the Baja, though, may be all the things you'll find to do. People in the U.S. and Canada often wonder how they will spend their retirement days. After all, there are only so many bridge games you can play in a week or golf games in the summer months. But in the Baja, you'll find yourself experiencing things you wouldn't have thought to do back home. Try salsa dance lessons or learn to cook Mexican cuisine. Exercise at the pool or join a book club. Learn to paint or make jewelry. Learn Spanish in an immersion class. Write a book, start a blog, contribute to a community newspaper, or try out that online business that you wanted to do.

The point is, you'll be so busy when you retire at Sahuaro Shores that you'll just laugh when your kids and friends back home ask why you're never around when they call. Just tell them you're having the time of your life!

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