Baja California offers a unique mix of southwestern outdoors lifestyle and a truly low cost of living at a fraction of the cost of similar locations in the United States and Canada. With a mild climate, comfortable un-frenzied lifestyle and authentic multi-cultural atmosphere, more and more people nearing retirement or seeking vacation homes are making the exodus to the Sea of Cortez region and discovering the affordability, convenience, and exceptional standard-of-living found here in the Baja.

Although cost-of-living is quite important, the quality of life is of paramount importance to those seeking a home in the Baja, according to a recent study published by the International Community Foundation. This research report entitled “U.S. Retirement Trends in México’s Coastal Communities”, draws upon data from surveys, focus groups and interviews with foreigners over the age of 50 living in Méxican coastal regions, and concludes that:

  • foreigners looking to retire or build a vacation home are attracted to the slow-paced lifestyle of México’s coastal communities 
  • most choose México due to its close proximity to family in the United States and Canada
  • respondents appreciate the affordability of México compared to other beach destinations in the United States and Canada
  • nearly 53% of foreigners living in Mexican coastal communities are under 65 years of age
  • nearly 66% of foreign residents in México have at least a college degree
  • 22% of foreigners living in México return to the United States monthly
  • 71% live in México more than half of the year  
  • 78% have lived in México for over five years  

Come and experience the rare combination of the quality-of-life and affordable cost-of-living that makes it possible to really live well in Baja.


Baja California is a well-known popular vacation destination due to its spectacular vistas, pleasant climate, outdoor activities and leisure activities. Yet, it is also a very attractive and alluring mecca for the more than 12,500 Americans and Canadians that retire each day.

Baja California is close to the U.S. border, providing easy access to airports and transportation hubs, as well as entertainment and gambling venues in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, Arizona and southern California. Additionally, regularly scheduled airline flights shuttle residents and visitors to and from Los Angeles International airport to El Centro in less than an hour!

Due to these and other compelling factors, it is no surprise that so many continue to move to the safe and serene Sea of Cortez coastal region to enjoy a better quality of life and low cost of living that makes dignified living in Baja California an affordable reality!


Contributing to the over-all low-cost-of-living and high standard-of-living in Baja California is the inexpensive medical care, dentistry and eye care available here in the Baja, where you can chose from private or public health plans that deliver great care at a very reasonable cost.

México has developed an outstanding subsidized public health care system that has been the model for many countries all over the world. Moreover, a modern and robust high-quality private health system exists side-by-side with the national plan. Partly because of the availability of such high quality public and private health care plans, México has been ranked as the #1 retirement destination in the world by International Living magazine for over two years running!

Also important to note is that the opt-in national medical insurance plan from the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) is also open to foreigners living in México. Under this plan, any pre-existing conditions are fully covered after a waiting period, and there are no deductibles, co-pays or add-on fees whatsoever. Additionally, all medications and surgical procedures are included at no cost! Moreover, this subsidized IMSS plan accepts all applicants, imposes no annual or lifetime “cap” on services and costs less than $50 a month!

So whether you chose the ultra-affordable public national health plan or a slightly more expensive private health insurer, you will always receive great medical care at a great price here in Baja California.

Moreover, since Baja California is only a few hours from the U.S. border, you have easy access to Veterans Administration (VA), Medicare and Medicaid facilities and private insurance-based medical services back in the United States.


Just about everyone agrees that the quality of their lives has dramatically improved since relocating to Baja California. In the Baja, everyday goods and services cost a lot less than you might expect… so you can afford the kinds of luxuries only available to the very wealthy – like housekeepers and cooks. Although it may be hard to believe when you consider the quality-of-life, pollution-free environment and mild climate in coastal communities in Baja California, it is a fact that the cost-of-living here is quite low!

This convergence of a high quality of life and affordable living is due to many factors, including the cost of food (including fresh fish, shrimp, fruit and vegetables that are available year-round), low-priced auto and home insurance and maintenance costs, inexpensive dining and entertainment, and low property taxes and cost of housing. In Baja California, you can expect to spend less than a third of what it would cost to live in the United States or Canada. In one of our beach communities along the Sea of Cortez, a couple can live very well with all the services you have come to expect, including satellite TV, XM radio, high-speed internet and cellular phone service for less than $1,400 USD per month. It is no wonder that over three million “north americanos” live in México!

Come on down… and see for yourself how you can really live well in Baja California.


No matter where you live, housing costs always represent a significant portion of any balanced budget. In fact, it is likely the single largest budget expense item for most people. As luck would have it, mostly due to the lower cost of land and labor, the cost of new home construction in Baja California is much lower than in the U.S. and Canada.  

Call now to discuss how we can build your custom home for as little as $64 per square foot!

… or you can just ask our experienced crew to build you this comfortable 2-bedroom home on a gated lot with utilities, energy-efficiency climate control system and kitchen appliances, tile veranda, granite counters and custom cabinets for just $64,995!


Sahuaro Shores comprises 80+ acres of prime beach property on the Sea of Cortez in Baja California and is situated just 18 miles south of San Felipe township and within 14 miles of the international airport. Our pristine white sand beach properties possess an all-season mild climate, authentic multi-cultural atmosphere, unpolluted warm water, clear and clean skies, and spectacular views of the Sea of Cortez and the majestic Sierra de San Pedro Mártir coastal mountains.

Located just a few hours south of the border with the United States, our communities boast a beach famous for its gentle tides, rock-free shore and calm surf. Known as “shell beach”, our stretch of soft sand affords our residents with the very best shoreline in the region.

Sahuaro Shores is located along a new scenic coastal highway just completed in April of 2020. This modern highway connects us to neighboring beach communities along the northern Sea of Cortez coastal region, including Puerticitos, Gonzaga Bay and Bahia de Los Angeles, and allows easy transit to popular resort areas in Baja Sur like Mulegé, Loreto Bay, La Paz, Todo Santos and Cabo San Lucas.

Because our neighborhood along the Sea of Cortez coastal corridor offers such great opportunities for residential and commercial development, many prominent dignitaries and industrialists have already purchased extensive parcels near Sahuaro Shores.

Included in this group is Manuel Jove, a billionaire oil & gas magnate who is developing the Marinazul Golf & Marina Resort just a half mile south of Sahuaro Shores. This upscale 3,000-acre mixed-use eco-development will feature an 18-hole golf course, 100-slip marina, hotels, restaurants, shops, and several residential communities.

Also announcing plans for targeted development in this corridor are the former President of México, Vicente Fox, who has amassed land holdings in Bahia de Los Angeles, and Carlos Slim Helú, one of the wealthiest persons in the world. Committed to the development of his considerable coastal land holdings in an ecologically friendly manner, Slim is coordinating with the World Wildlife Fund to fund research and conservation efforts to protect endangered marine species that live only in the Sea of Cortez.


Sahuaro Shores offers beach view lots, commercial properties and multi-acre residential parcels that have clear titles and deeded right-of-way to a private access road that stretches from the Mar de Cortez scenic coastal highway to our soft-sand beach by the Sea of Cortez.

If you yearn to make the vistas afforded by the azure Sea of Cortez and the majestic coastal mountain range the backdrop for your residential community or family legacy estate, one of our peaceful and secluded beachside parcels by the sea & sand is the ideal location!

We offer long-term low-interest financing to serious buyers, so call now to discuss your plans… or just to get more information about living well here in Baja California.

EcoVillage is one of our affordable 7.41-acre parcels here at Sahuaro Shores. This private property has a legal and unencumbered transferrable title and is not a lease. You can own this and any of our other residential and commercial properties free and clear!

Take advantage of our long-term financing that makes it easy to begin building your family legacy estate or boutique development right away!



We are always looking for experienced visionaries to help us create vibrant communities of residential developments and profitable businesses by the sea and sand at Sahuaro Shores. To free up start-up cash and help you jumpstart your business venture, we can provide development assistance and direct low-interest long-term financing. 

Now is the time and this is the location, so whether you have an idea for a hotel, bed & breakfast, restaurant, market or other business, we are anxious to hear from you!


Contact us now to find out how our “getaway” excursion program provides generous credits to cover your transportation, lodging and meal costs when you visit us to invest in opportunities here at Sahuaro Shores.

We know you’ll like the way we do business!

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