eco-friendly homes

Sahuaro Shores will deliver, maintain and operate a truly affordable, safe and serene beachside community of eco-friendly homes constructed to exceed all current engineering and construction guidelines, housing regulations and real estate practices. As part of this commitment, we can oversee the design and construction of homes built to LEED™ (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification standards which mandate rigorous design and construction processes and the use of sustainable building materials. Although these strict self-imposed requirements are far in excess of current regulatory mandates, we do these things so that our residents can have full confidence that they can live in an eco-friendly energy-efficient home while still benefiting from the attractive pricing and the low cost of ownership available at our beach resort by the sea.

Our continuing commitment to responsible eco-friendly practices can also be seen in the daily operations of the development, which include the use of solar power for electricity, hot-water production and swimming pool pumps as well as the processing of gray water from laundry facilities to help maintain common area vegetation at the community. Whether we are talking about thoughtful design and construction of eco-friendly homes or environmentally-conscious property planning and maintenance… Sahuaro Shores will always maintain the smallest possible carbon footprint.

Here at Sahuaro Shores, our attitude towards responsible development is built around a vision about how people really can live in harmony with the environment and their neighbors. This approach to land planning has been factored into our every decision. While many land developers are motivated solely by the bottom line and espouse a philosophy that excuses deceptive business practices as “nothing personal – just business”, we adhere to a business and personal philosophy that dictates fairness and transparency in all our business dealings.

According to consumer research firm Experian, 56.4% of respondents to a recent survey stated that while searching for a home in México, they did not feel that they had any environmentally friendly options, yet 78.7% of respondents considered very seriously their own environmental impact on their adopted communities in México. These and other environmentally-conscious consumers will be pleased that responsible development through sustainable environmentally-aware construction and thoughtful project operations are very important at Sahuaro Shores, because to us “it’s not just business – it is personal”.

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