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Since Sahuaro Shores does not employ expensive multi-level sales and marketing campaigns with large inflated budgets, our beach-side lot prices are always priced considerably lower than those in other neighboring developments. And, since we are a debt-free closely-held family business that undertakes the measured development of our beach community in a consistently conservative manner, we can offer our future residents low-interest long-term lot loans which allow them to easily afford their own beach lot at Sahuaro Shores!

When it comes to property loans in México, the first question most people have for most mortgage lenders is "Why are interest rates and down payments higher for México financing than for primary residences in the United States and Canada?"

That answer is fairly simple to explain, since most lenders offering cross-border long-term loans are usually international finance institutions who are lending in the second home and retirement resort home markets in a foreign country. The key words here are "foreign" and "second home and retirement home resort markets". While we (and you) already know that Méxican real estate provides a safe environment to buy a home and has huge upside potential as it continues to be a premier destination for retirees from throughout North America, the market is still different than the United States or Canada. Unfortunately, since most lenders in Mexico equate different with risky, they usually tack on additional fees and make the loan process unnecessarily cumbersome and lengthy.

Not to worry. Since we offer our low-interest long-term loans directly and we understand the value offered at Sahuaro Shores, our loan process is streamlined and has no hidden costs or complex closing scenarios.

We are here to discuss our simple process to finance your plans to live well in Baja, so give us a call… you’ll like the way we do business!


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